About Us

Artillery Russia at a Glance


Artillery Russia has been a leading name when it comes to high-grade weapon and military products worldwide. Our main headquarter is in Moscow, Russia, with branches spread in Germany, Amsterdam, America, the Middle East, and Japan.

Artillery Russia’s humble history began with 20 employees working in a small factory around the corner of Moscow. These artillery experts dedicated their time and knowledge to the company’s best interest. Along with the founder, Sir Alexander Smirnov, they innovated and developed today’s globally hailed one of the best weaponry products.

After years of cultivating the business, they were able to infiltrate the military weaponry market in the neighboring countries. When Boris, the son of Sir Alexander and CEO of Artillery Russia joined the company, they have successfully launched and distributed the best of Artillery Russia to over 10 countries abroad.

Today, Artillery Russia has grown to a 500 employee company. They work hand in hand with the same vision in mind: To continuously produce first-rate weapons that the company has always been known for.